Strategy & Management Consulting

We believe that leadership must be a response, both individually and collectively, to a complex issue of adaptation. That’s why we approach advice and strategy from the perspective of adaptation challenges; experience has taught us that these issues are intimately linked to people’s maturity, corporate culture and the context of intervention.

A culture transformation strategy is not a tool or a method but a way of thinking together about the organization. Our intervention models are robust and we use valid instruments, but we do not confuse ends and means. We like problems and questions for which there are no easy answers. We anchor our interventions to the concrete challenges your organization faces in raising awareness and building capacity to meet the challenges of your teams.

Our services include:

  • Strategic planning & alignment
  • Change management & implementation
  • Customer experience development
  • Governance consulting services


The main objective of research for us is to contribute to the understanding of the economic and managerial dynamics in fast moving fields. FG8 has resources in the areas of media, finance and governance. We have developed a turnkey approach in research, which can include translation, public broadcasting and layout.

  • Empirical research
  • Economic analysis
  • International benchmark
  • Feasibility study
  • Technical notes in economics
  • Cost-benefit analysis
Our research

Organisational development

There is no lasting organizational transformation without individual transformation. For us, the individual is at the heart of change; we help our clients develop more flexible, more nuanced and more responsive reading grids and action directories.

We believe that learning and transforming in the 21st century means developing critical thinking about yourself, your job, your work environment and society in general. We help to think about fundamental issues: cooperation, commitment, mobilization, innovation. We propose methodologies to explore organizational issues from different angles; seize opportunities, experiment with innovative solutions, fail and learn.

  • Redefining the positioning and the service strategy and mobilize the entire organization around this positioning.

  • Plan and facilitate meetings and strategic forums, using participatory methods.

  • Support the long-term strategic planning process of a large organization in the context of a merger-acquisition.

  • Develop business universities, design and lead programs related to strategy, change, to culture and leadership.

  • Support the development of management teams in their ability to implement a strategic transformation.

  • Advising international groups on the design and implementation of their overall intercultural leadership development strategy.

  • Create original exchange devices as a means of collective and personal expression: forums, innovation bootcamps, seminars.